A Country Home

My husband and I shared the dream of moving to the country with lots of land.  We wanted the ability to ride four-wheelers and shoot guns on our own property without breaking the law or dealing with the Home Owners Association.  It seemed like we needed to wait until we were 50 years old before we could ever make that happen…

Thanks to the internet, we started doing research on foreclosures.  Before we knew it, we were putting an offer in on a foreclosure in the country with 10 acres.   After a month or so, the house was ours.  It is amazing what you can find out there that is in foreclosure.

I know what you may be thinking…THAT is your dream house?  Don’t worry…there is so much potential, I can hardly contain myself.


2 thoughts on “A Country Home

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  2. It’s a beautiful home how could anyone think otherwise, especially with all those granite counter tops, and, most importantly, those Roman shades? 🙂 A house isn’t a home without your special touches! ❤

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