A New Kitchen

Our kitchen looked like a scene from Miami Vice.  Salmon is a fabulous color for a cardigan or skinny jeans but not a good choice for a kitchen…unless it is 1985.  As if the house was not 80’s enough, the previous owners chose a seaweed green/blue laminate counter top to compliment the salmon walls.  A hot mess!!  Ladies and Gentleman…the before pictures of our country kitchen…


I especially love the fan in the kitchen.  It is functional when doing A LOT of cooking but not the most attractive.  The cabinets, however, were in great shade and workable.  The existing floors were a keeper too.

With a few updates, the kitchen is a new and improved space…






We got rid of the trash compactor and replaced it with a wine cooler, replaced the fan with track lighting, changed out the hardware on the cabinets, refinished the floors, replaced the countertops with granite, added a tile backsplash and updated the appliances.


One thought on “A New Kitchen

  1. I showed Peter your kitchen – we both think it looks fabulous! Great color choices, and love the back splash over the stove top!

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