Dirty Windows and Burlap Sacks

I have an obsession with old windows.  There is so much character in a dirty, paint chipping, old school window.  My husband thinks I am nuts…

I see so many amazing things you can make out of old windows on Pinterest.  Add pictures to each glass area, make a greenhouse with several windows…endless creative ideas!  …but, there is something so beautiful and interesting about decorating with an old window and leaving it as a window.  Voila!


So grungy and old.  I love it!

With every old window you need something burlap to compliment it…obviously!  When we purchased a fountain for the front yard, the company gave us several coffee burlap sacks to put in-between the pieces so they didn’t break on the ride home.  Most of them were pretty disgusting and needed to go in the trash, but, there was one that was workable.  I washed it and made it into a pillow.


I love this chair which is the burlap pillow’s new home.  I love that it is old and solid, but mostly I love it because it is my husband’s childhood chair.


2 thoughts on “Dirty Windows and Burlap Sacks

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