Tip for Hanging Curtains and More Before & After…

A simple tip that makes a HUGE difference…when hanging curtains…

Instead of hanging your curtains at the top of the window, raise your curtain rod 6 inches below the ceiling.  Basically, you are creating an illusion that your ceilings are higher than they actually are.  This tip will require longer curtains, however, you will not be sorry…

Here is a diagram that explains (borrowed from “Hyphen Interiors” by Kristy Swain):








Here is an example of the curtains in my Dining Room:

I love curtains.  They are a must have for our household.  It is amazing to me how complete a room can look with the simple touch of hanging curtains.  I have an obsession with the Pottery Barn in general, but, I drool over their curtains.  To bad I can’t afford them…they are WAY outside of my budget.  I have found that the BEST place to shop for curtains on a budget is JC Penny’s.  You achieve the Pottery Barn look, the quality seems to be better and you will save a TON of $$$.

As a side note, I am so excited that another room is 100% complete…the dining room!  My decor is a little out of season, but, that will be changing soon.  Stay tuned…











With a little paint and a new light fixture, the room is complete!

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