O is for Olds

Our house has a lot of interesting stairs.  This is one of the things that drew us to the house.  When you walk in from the front door, you see stairs.  When you are in the upstairs hallway, you see stairs.  STAIRS, STAIRS, STAIRS…  This is a lot of dusting ya’ll…God help us!  But…we love it!

The stairs are in the shape of a big “H.”  Here is a picture of the big “H” from upstairs…











One wall was red, another was white and the carpet was blue.  God Bless America and our Home!


The stone in the center of the room is the top of the wood burning fireplace we had put in our house.  That is a topic for another blog post…stay tuned!  Since we knocked out the windows that were originally on top of the existing fireplace, we decided to add a chandelier to match the other side of the “H.”  This would provide additional lighting and create balance to the open space.

…and there is a big wall again…I have plans for that wall!

I recently blogged about my obsession with the Pottery Barn.  I had my eye on these ladder bookshelves.  I seriously considered getting them from the Pottery Barn, but, I couldn’t bring myself to hitting the “add to cart” button on their website.  They were to dagum expensive.  So, after a little research and shopping online, I found similar shelves from JC Penny’s that were two for the price of one (in Pottery Barn terms that is).

Can you tell the difference?  They are pretty darn close…







So…decorating bookshelves…  I am not a knickknacks person!  Knickknacks make me think “clutter.”  Books are always a solid choice for bookshelves, but, I am not a reader so my book collection is limited.  I always see people add a large letter, usually the first letter of their last name as a form of decoration.  I love this idea, but, my last name starts with an “O.”  That would look weird and nothing short of an awkward circle if I attempted this idea.  But I still love the concept.  So, I figured, why not spell our last name O-L-D-S in super bold letters as part of the shelf decorations.  It works!  This makes me happy!

View from below…

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