A Perfect Picture!

I love old art work.  I especially love old artwork that is outside scenery.  Something with lots of character that makes you wonder if someone simply sat in the grass on a cool spring day and painted what was in front of them.  Or did they take a class where you paint a recreated scene?  Perhaps they painted the scene purely from memory or a creative thought…It’s fun to guess!

I shopped for hours to find the perfect artwork to place on our new fireplace mantle.  I wanted something with trees, in the woods and with an old barn.  Something vintage and beautiful.  This was impossible to find…until I remembered that my Great Grandpa was a painter.

“Mom and Dad, can I look at those old paintings Big Papa painted?”  These paintings couldn’t be more perfect…

I love that these have meaning!  They are perfect!

In loving Memory of Gabriel Schiada aka “Big Papa” (1905-1997).


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