Who Needs Garland?

I’ve mentioned in a recent post that stairs pretty much take over my house.  As I was dragging out the Christmas decorations, I dreaded the thought ($$$) of hanging pre-lit garland on all those stairs.  This would look amazing but WAY out of my budget.  Maybe I will get lucky in an after Christmas sale…if I can stand the thought of gold, red and green at that point.

…but, who need’s overpriced garland when you have Pinterest?  AC Moore was having a 50% off sale on all their Christmas decorations…SCORE!

I found sticks for $1.99 a bundle, bunches of Wintery/Christmasy “stuff” on sale for $2.50 a bundle, ribbon for $3.99 and bundles of gold balls for $2.99.  I decided to do the staircase only.  My total?  $33.93 before tax!  Can’t beat that…

Here is the end result:


One thought on “Who Needs Garland?

  1. I’m loving how this looks on the stairs! And, when you get a compliment on how good it looks, you get that extra special feeling that you did it yourself! 🙂

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