Fall Year Round

Hi there!  I am excited to reveal another before and after project that I have been working on, the Guest Room.  In our last house, we did a similar concept in the Guest Room not long before we moved so I didn’t get the chance to really enjoy it.  So, I used the same concept just put a different twist on it.

Here is the before picture…I am not sure where you would find such a shade of forest green and why you would paint a single wall in this color!  Maybe because it compliments that amazing blue carpet so well 🙂











…and here is the after!  Enjoy!





This room is very “recycled!”  The bed is my childhood bed that was previously white, however, we painted it black.  The armoire was originally wood grained colored that we painted black.  We found this for a steal at the Salvation Army.  The old window with the orchid painted on it came from the dumpster at my old apartment complex (ewwwww, I know but it was totally sitting next to the dumpster, not in it).  All I did was paint the orchid!  And that beautiful old grandma chest at the foot of the bed – my favorite piece of all and the inspiration to this entire room.  This was my great grandmas piece and I love it.

Here is another Pinterest inspired project, a wreath made from felt circles.  You can find instructions to make this wreath here (brought to you by Design Sponge).


5 thoughts on “Fall Year Round

  1. Very cool! You are taking your retirement very seriously! 😉 I’d love to get details on your wall design with the trees. How’d you do that?

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