Fabulously Old-Fashioned!

Hey Guys – my blog is still alive, I promise!  It’s been a while because life has been incredibly busy taking down Christmas decorations outside!  I KNOW I KNOW this is so tacky but seriously we have had no time…and I am waiting on a few finishing touches before I share other rooms in the house!  I can’t wait to post before and after’s of our master bedroom and bathrooms!  Stay tuned!

One of my favorite things to do is find local thrift stores, go to Goodwill or stop by the Pittsboro ReStore (Habitat for Humanity).  Simply because, you never know what you may find… I have been doing this a lot lately and have found a few treasures.  Sometimes you won’t find a single thing and other times, you may hit the jackpot.  With Habitat, I usually consult with my friend Pinterest before I set out to find whatever…usually an old window or door or something of this nature.  Here are a few treasures that I recently found!


The weathered wrought iron thing on the left…I bought two of these from the Flea Market.  I am obsessed with these guys and plan to hang behind each night stand in our master bedroom (pictures to come).  The bird house made out of reclaimed wood, an old license plate and old hose – I bought three of these guys from the Flea Market and plan to hang on the wall in our powder room.  This room is almost complete and then I will share pictures!  The fabulous old crystal lights on the bottom right – this is my favorite find so far…  This is actually one light with two pendants that I haven’t decided 100% where I will put in the house.  A few ideas; in the powder room with the bird houses or in the future nursery?


This old guy is an ugly green color…BUT it is wrought iron.  All it needs is a little spray paint and BOOM – he is contemporary!  The thrift store only had one of these guys, not a pair but no problemo…the sconce is large and in charge and will dominate a smaller wall so no need for two.  Add melted candlesticks and this guy is ready to be hung!  I’ll post pictures of everything once they are placed around the house.

If you like to go “antiquing” or “thrifting,” there are a few places that I recommend in the Apex/Pittsboro area.  I am sure there are more places that I have yet to discover…please feel free to share if you have a favorite place to shop.

  • Beggars and Choosers in Downtown Pittsboro
  • Antique Shops in Downtown Pittsboro (main strip)
  • Flea Market in Downtown Pittsboro (next to the Pittsboro Road House aka General Store)
  • Antique Shop in Downtown Apex
  • Habitat for Humanity in Pittsboro
  • Goodwill (Apex off hwy 55)
  • Flea Market at the Raleigh Fair Grounds (Saturday and Sunday)

Or…you could always raid your grandma’s attic or even the dumpster… I have done this before and I am not ashamed!


Another Before and After: The Fireplace

I feel in love with this house when I walked in through the front door and was greeted with a lovely open space with what felt like miles and miles of hardwood floors.  THIS room has some serious potential.  The large windows above the fireplace brought in quit a bit of light but…imagine a floor to ceiling stone fireplace!  We can compensate for less light with a chandelier.

Fireplace Before

Unfortunately, the fireplace ran by propane and we really wanted needed a real wood burning fireplace.   This meant that my husband would need to spend countless hours in the woods chainsawing rotted trees and axing them into small pieces so we can have a fire all the time.  The man LOVES using the chainsaw and I love that we always have wood for a fire.

If you are interested in reading other posts about this room, here ya go:
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A Palette Project And A Mudroom

I have been dying for the finishing touches of a couple more rooms in our home before I could post pictures!  I am finally at the point where I can share.

I have always dreamed of having a mudroom, especially when your husband and brother-in-law like to work on four-wheelers and hunt.  In this house, the mudroom hangs off the garage and is an entry way to the kitchen.  This is PERFECT because it forces the boys to wash up before they can enter into the house.

Mudroom Before

The mudroom originally had concrete floors which makes total sense but is not the prettiest!  We added tile to the concrete to make the space look less like a garage and more like an updated mudroom.  We found our tile on the Lowe’s clearance rack…SCORE!  The previous owners added lots of cabinets that were really nice, especially since the house didn’t come with a pantry!  Plus, let’s be honest, we need lots of cabinet space for storing things like canned goods in case the zombie apocalypse happens…TOTALLY kidding!  Only problem…the cabinet doors looked like an Elementary School.  Simple fix, we worked with a custom cabinet guy and had him replace the cabinet doors to match the kitchen.  A MUCH more budget friendly option!  And there’s those Miami Vice counters again…yes, those had to go and we replaced with granite that matches the kitchen!  That door off the end of the mudroom?  That is a mini bathroom which I will share in another blog post (it is not done yet).


So, according to Pinterest, you can make just about anything out of a palettes.  I thought it would be so cool to make a large sign to place above the washer and dryer…out of a palette, obviously.  So the million dollar question, where on earth do you get palates?  A friend and I drove around Pittsboro looking for free palettes.  Food Lion? Nope…  Lowe’s?  Nope…  Then, thanks to my friend’s eagle eye, THERE…on the side of the road…PALETTES!  We screeched off the road into a sketchy parking lot where this really nice man was selling fruits and veggies!  “Excuse me Sir, are you throwing those palettes away?”  “These old things, yes Mam, would you like them?”  HECK YES!!!  Score!  You should have seen my husband’s face when I drove up with 5 palettes in the back of his truck.  Yes, I know, I am palette obsessed and nuts…and I am okay with that!

This was an easy project.  All I did was clean the palette with a power washer, crackle it (see instructions on how to crackle here) and then printed letters onto wax paper to transfer to the palette (see instructions to create words on wood here – brought you by Unexpected Elegance).   Also, I found a little sign that I loved at the local Carolina Pottery and nailed it to my palette.

We are Pregnant!!!!

I am SOOOO excited to announce that we are expecting our first baby!  I am finally going to be a Mommy and I am thrilled!

My husband and I found out that we were pregnant the day before Thanksgiving.  I woke up around 7AM and decided to take a pregnancy test.  Given that I have never been pregnant before, I took the test and immediately I saw a single pink line…I guess I am not pregnant.  Try again next month, right?  Disappointed, I crawled back into bed and slept for a couple more hours.  I rolled my lazy self out of bed and started getting ready for the day.  Something told me to grab that pregnancy test out of the trash to make sure it was still negative.  I just HAD to be 150% sure.  To my surprise, there was a strong pink line and a super faint pink line.  I rubbed my eyes and did a double take…SAY WHAT?  OH.MY.GOSH.  I am pregnant.  My dumb self waited an entire 30 seconds previously to determine it was not positive.  Note to self…a pregnant test could take up to 3 minutes to show positive.  Noted!

Positive Test

My husband was still asleep so I crawled into bed next to him and whispered in his ear, “Baby, you’re going to be a daddy!”  My husband sprang out of bed like a cat jacked up on mountain dew and shouted, “NAH UH…ARE YOU SERIOUS?”  We were SOOO excited!  We are going to be parents!

Okay, so I am pregnant, what do I do now?  I texted my best girlfriends and asked what in the world do I do now?  TAKE ANOTHER TEST SILLY!  Duh….why didn’t I think of that?  So I took another test and sure enough, after waiting 3 minutes, I had two pink lines.  I couldn’t wait to tell my closest friends and family.

A few weeks went by and everything seemed normal.  The holidays were approaching so the Christmas shopping, wrapping presents and decorating the house was on my agenda.  …and then…6 weeks hit!  “Morning Sickness,” aka ALL DAY SICKNESS went into full swing.  I felt like I was dying…not even exaggerating!  The nausea started getting worse and worse.  I had my confirmation Dr. appointment scheduled at 7 weeks but I couldn’t wait that long.  I couldn’t get out of bed and didn’t want to eat anything.  So I decided to call my Dr.’s office and beg for something, anything, ANYTHING that would make this awful sickness go away.  Thank you JESUS for my dear friend, zofran.  It took the edge off the nausea and made me function-able, kinda, again!  Thank God for being retired.  I have a newfound respect for women that go through extreme nausea in their first trimester and work a full-time job.  God Bless you Women!  You are my hero!

A few things I learned along the way that I would like to share for those of you who also struggle with morning sickness…

  1.  Keep an entire tube of Saltine Crackers with you at all times…trust me…when the sickness starts to come on, these will save your life…
  2. ALWAYS keep Saltine Crackers or a granola bar next to your bed….every night!  Frequent trips to the restroom every night is inevitable…nibble on a few crackers every time you get up to use the restroom.  This will help you in the morning when you wake up as your stomach will have a little something something on it at all times.
  3. Nibble on a few Saltine Crackers when you wake up for the day BEFORE you get out of bed.  Take your time getting out of bed…trust me this seriously works.  This process should take about 30 minutes every morning.
  4. Not a napper?  You will be…take a nap in the afternoon because not only are you exhausted in your first trimester, the naps will help with the nausea.
  5. Drink Ginger Ale or Lemonade to ward off nausea…it helps!
  6. ZOFRAN…this anti-nausea medicine will save your life!  Eat it like candy!
  7. Taco Bell’s bean burritos saved my life.  Protein is key which can be extremely challenging when your food aversions are strongest with meats!  I can’t eat meat at the moment.  Beans are loaded with protein and will give you some strength.
  8. CARBS, CARBS, CARBS!  You are in survival mode so eat what you can.  Everything will sound nasty to you.  Bagels, bread, cheese pizza, cereal, bread and bread and…did I mention bread?  Seriously, this may be the only thing you can eat for a while.
  9. Yogurt, eggs and fruit!  I am able to eat this…at least it is some nutrition!
  10. Cry – You will cry because you feel so sick and sometimes cry for no apparent reason.  Sometimes a good cry just makes you feel better…Hey, I will cry with you too!
 My husband and I had our first prenatal visit, the confirmation ultrasound at 7 weeks.  We were so excited!  We be-bopped our way into the Dr.’s office all giddy and ready to see the baby for the first time.  Before the nurse could get any words out…”Hi I am pregnant.”  I couldn’t hold it back!  Now, Ultrasound time.  There is nothing more incredible than seeing your baby for the first time.  It is now real…and…we saw it’s little heartbeat.  What a special moment.  We were so excited.
Here is our little peanut at 7 weeks!
7 Weeks
Today, we had our second prenatal visit.  My husband and I couldn’t wait to see our baby again.  I am 10 weeks.  The baby is barely the size of a kumquat (which is a really small orange…I totally had to google that one) and measures a little over an inch long.  Our baby has completed the most critical portion of development and is entering into the fetal period.  The heartbeat measured just under 160 bpm and is looking good.
Here is our little peanut at 10 weeks!
10 Weeks
 Here is Baby Olds sucking his/her finger….to cute!
Baby Finger
Lastly, I wanted to share thing book that I read.  A dear friend of mine sent this to me in the mail.  It is full of “what to expect” experiences and is incredibly funny!  When you have one of those days that you can’t get out of bed, read this book and you are guaranteed to laugh out loud.  Thanks girl, this book is amazing!!
Belly Laughs