A Palette Project And A Mudroom

I have been dying for the finishing touches of a couple more rooms in our home before I could post pictures!  I am finally at the point where I can share.

I have always dreamed of having a mudroom, especially when your husband and brother-in-law like to work on four-wheelers and hunt.  In this house, the mudroom hangs off the garage and is an entry way to the kitchen.  This is PERFECT because it forces the boys to wash up before they can enter into the house.

Mudroom Before

The mudroom originally had concrete floors which makes total sense but is not the prettiest!  We added tile to the concrete to make the space look less like a garage and more like an updated mudroom.  We found our tile on the Lowe’s clearance rack…SCORE!  The previous owners added lots of cabinets that were really nice, especially since the house didn’t come with a pantry!  Plus, let’s be honest, we need lots of cabinet space for storing things like canned goods in case the zombie apocalypse happens…TOTALLY kidding!  Only problem…the cabinet doors looked like an Elementary School.  Simple fix, we worked with a custom cabinet guy and had him replace the cabinet doors to match the kitchen.  A MUCH more budget friendly option!  And there’s those Miami Vice counters again…yes, those had to go and we replaced with granite that matches the kitchen!  That door off the end of the mudroom?  That is a mini bathroom which I will share in another blog post (it is not done yet).


So, according to Pinterest, you can make just about anything out of a palettes.  I thought it would be so cool to make a large sign to place above the washer and dryer…out of a palette, obviously.  So the million dollar question, where on earth do you get palates?  A friend and I drove around Pittsboro looking for free palettes.  Food Lion? Nope…  Lowe’s?  Nope…  Then, thanks to my friend’s eagle eye, THERE…on the side of the road…PALETTES!  We screeched off the road into a sketchy parking lot where this really nice man was selling fruits and veggies!  “Excuse me Sir, are you throwing those palettes away?”  “These old things, yes Mam, would you like them?”  HECK YES!!!  Score!  You should have seen my husband’s face when I drove up with 5 palettes in the back of his truck.  Yes, I know, I am palette obsessed and nuts…and I am okay with that!

This was an easy project.  All I did was clean the palette with a power washer, crackle it (see instructions on how to crackle here) and then printed letters onto wax paper to transfer to the palette (see instructions to create words on wood here – brought you by Unexpected Elegance).   Also, I found a little sign that I loved at the local Carolina Pottery and nailed it to my palette.

4 thoughts on “A Palette Project And A Mudroom

  1. Wow this looks amazing! That sink is nice for cloth diapers too. 😉 it looks like Bruzer has a space of his own in here too? I saw a littke bone shaped carpet and two food bowls. Could you use one of the cabinets for hanging laundry or coats? That would be nice for Chad’s hunting gear! Everything looks great! P.S. i gave my mom your blog and she loves your creative ideas. 🙂

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