DIY: Beautifying an Old and Ugly Sconce

Most of the time when browsing through the isles of a thrift store you think “seriously, not sure who would ever want that…” and then, out of the corner of your eye, you see something kinda ugly and you have that hmmmmm moment.  In this moment, you stop and stare for a few minutes, thinking, “I think this is ugly but there is something about this I kinda like.”  Hmmmmmm…

Yup, happens to me all the time.  The next thought is usually, “okay I can make this look really cool with a few minor tweaks but where on earth will I put it?”  My husband’s subconscious thanks me for this thought that he has NO CLUE that I always have because his worst fear is that the item will become the long lost project and end up in…dun dun dun…wait for it…his garage!  The “Garage” – the Husband’s room/space where his wife can not tell him “let’s paint the walls this color.  It will go great with…” or “No, that doesn’t look good there” or “Very cool but this doesn’t match….”  (waaa waaa waaa slow motion Charlie Brown)!  Yup, this is his space and wifey’s projects are forbidden to live here for long periods of time.  Fair enough!

Anyways, back to the old and ugly and outdated sconce that I found at the local “Guardian Angel” Thrift shop!  Time to beautify this diamond in the rough.  This project was super easy and inexpensive!

Only 3 things to modernize a sconce:
  • An old inexpensive sconce
  • Wire
  • Vintage crystals
Materials needed to transform sconce:
  • Spray paint (I used oil rubbed bronze…black also works)
  • Small piece of sand paper
  • Compressed canned air
  • Protective mask
Disclaimer:  Yes, I am preggers so spray painting must be done very carefully as to not harm little fetus growing inside of me.  ALWAYS spray paint outside in the open air where there is plenty of ventilation.  Wear a mask and spray with the wind.  Spray for 10-20 seconds and walk away.  By doing this, you will not smell the toxic fumes making it totally fine to spray paint while preggers.  Or, there is always the option to ask the hubby to spray paint for you…in his garage!  JUST KIDDING!
spray painting safelyTo prep the sconce, use that handy-dandy compressed air to get all the dust off.  Lightly sand (like seriously this should take less than 3 minutes).  Spray paint the sconce lightly keeping in mind that heavy will cause drippage.  Drippage = fail…sand and start over.  When lightly spraying the sconce, you may need a few coats.  Allow to dry for a few hours.
Spray Paint
Once scone is dry, it’s time to add those fabulous crystals to add drama.  Try and use wire that is similar to the color of the sconce (after painted).  Secure the crystals to desired place(s) on sconce.  BOOM – you are done!
Tip – I purchased my crystals from a local Pittsboro antique store.  These crystals are remnants from an old crystal chandelier.  These needed a good cleaning before hanging on the sconce.  Simple recipe for cleaning crystal: warm water, white vinegar and dishwasher soap.  Let soak for 20-30 minutes then rinse and dry…super easy! 
The scone is ready to hang on the wall.
Here is my sconce after these simple modernizing steps.  Enjoy!
After Sconce2

After Sconce


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