How to throw a Man-Birthday Party!

How do you throw a birthday bash for a 28 year old man?  There are the obvious essentials such as beer, food and, well, beer… but, what do you do at a man-party?  We usually have the parentals and brothers over, cook whatever the birthday boy wants and provide lots of beer….obviously!   But this year, I wanted to do something different.  I wanted to decorate for husband’s birthday party.  We are in a new house and I no longer have a job so this was the year to do it up!  So, I consulted with my friend Pinterest.

After searching on Pinterest for about an hour, I found nothing…nothing on man birthday parties.  I could only find ideas for little man parties (you know with that trendy mustache).  I.Could.Not.Find.Anything.  Sad face!  BUT..what I did find was a method for hanging balloons on string and hanging on the wall.  This seemed like a pretty cool idea!  AND Angry Birds!  Because, what man doesn’t  like Angry Birds?  I think every person on this planet that owns a smart phone has downloaded Angry Birds and has probably beat the game.  I might know a lady that has also beat the game…I am not ashamed!

Here are some of my ideas for decorating with LOTS of balloons and Angry Birds.  And yes…I blew up all those balloons myself and didn’t pass out!
So man birthdays and an itinerary!  The original plan was to shoot guns outside for a few hours and then come in for dinner.  However, due to the all-day-snowfest we experienced here in good ol’ NC, we needed a plan B.  Football game?  Nope…these men took full advantage of the pool table in the bonus room, with of course, lots of beer…and LOTS of chips and candy!  I spent the entire day before preparing spaghetti and homemade meatballs (arg…so manly)!  I also baked the birthday cake, lemon blueberry cream cheese pound cake!  YUM!  Preparing the food a day earlier made party day so much less stressful and way more fun as a host!  While the boys played pool, us Moms and Moms-to-be chatted it up and warmed up the food.  So darn easy and so much fun!  Yummy food, a cozy fire and warm company…it was a success!

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