Before & After: The Master Suite

There are a few things missing in this room and a few things that are not 100% complete, however, it is ready enough to share!  I am still on the search for a rug that fits our master bedroom nicely, however, this has been a bit of a challenge given the natural light in the room.  Rugs that are one color in the store always seem to look a different color in this room – such problems!  Also, my fan is almost done…this is a jerry-rig creative adventure that I will explain in just a bit.

So…the master bedroom…that blue carpet again…I can’t take it!  If you look closely, you can see a large round stain in the middle of the carpet.  Perhaps there was a round bed in this room at some point?  Your guess is as good as mine…either way, this stain is just weird and pretty creepy.  The carpet had to go…  We replaced the carpet with hardwood floors to match the rest of the downstairs.  We also replaced the blinds to match the rest of the house.  The previous owners installed brown blinds in just the master bedroom and white in other areas downstairs…WHY?  We replaced the ceiling fan with oil rubbed bronze to match the door handles and fixtures throughout the house.  Interesting note on the fan…I couldn’t find a crystal globe to match our vintage lights in the room, so we got a little creative.  I found an old, horrible ceiling light at Habitat that had a crystal look.  A little switch-a-roo and now we have a jerry-rigged crystal globe attached to the ceiling fan.  We need to install an oil rubbed bronze collar above the globe to make the fan look complete…this is a project that is in process!  Lastly, we installed vintage lights above each night stand instead of lamps.  I found these lights at a local Pittsboro thrift shop and I am obsessed!

Master Bedroom Before:

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After:

Ahhh, so much more romantic!  Now for the master bathroom!  I think the only word to describe our master bathroom before is…white!  White floors, white counters, white walls, white tub, white shower…white EVERYTHING!  It’s like frosty the snowman threw up all over the bathroom.  Gross.  In fact, if someone wanted to completely torture me, stick me in a completely white room and I might stroke out…this may be worse than Chinese water torture.  I’m being dramatic!  Anyways, this bathroom was in some serious need of a splash of color.  How about a calming grey-blue to give the feel of a nice relaxing spa…ahhhh yes!  A few things that we did to transform this room; tiled the tub and shower, added glass to the shower instead of the random wall that looked like ginormous ice cubes, added oil rubbed bronze hardware, moved the chandelier above the tub and replaced with a new chandelier, added slate floors, added carpet in the attached closet, added granite counter tops for each sink, replaced cabinet doors to match those in the kitchen, replaced light fixtures above each sink and added frames to existing mirrors.  By the way, as I mentioned in a previous post, replacing cabinet doors instead of the entire cabinet is a much more budget friendly option that captures the look you are going for.  Also, ordering frames for existing mirrors is a fun and creative way to achieve the look you want without killing your wallet.  If you are interested, check out and sign up for their newsletters as often they will have specials.  I got my frames 30% off on cyber Monday…SCORE!

Master Bathroom Before:

Master Bathroom Before
Master Bathroom After:

There is a little toilet room that hangs off directly in front of the shower, however, I thought a picture would be sorta boring.

Here are a few pictures of our master closet that is attached to our master bathroom.  My husband replaced all the shelving himself…I love him!  Much more space than previous shelves which allows husband and wife to share a closet…if you would have mentioned this option to me a year ago, I would tell you that you are crazy!  But it works!!!

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