A Princess Baby Bed

As a first time mom, I have spent countless hours on the internet searching baby room inspiration…imagine that!  My poor husband is probably the most patient man alive to endure all the “Hey babes look at this…awww….OMG look at this one….do you like this shade of pink?  Okay if you had to choose between this one and that one, what would you choose?”  Poor guy…you know a man truly loves you when he can endure the emotional and obsessive roller coaster of a pregnant lady trying to decide how to decorate a baby girl nursery!  You rock babe and I love you!

Apparently I have extremely expensive taste in baby decor.  Of course I would fall in love with the $1,500 bedding set…not.even.kidding.  Obviously, spending $1,500 on a bed set for a child that won’t sleep in the crib for more than two years, is well, insane.  Not to mention, the crib bumpers will more than likely stay off for the majority of the time that baby is an infant.  Yeah, I googled baby bumper safety…big mistake.  Now I am terrified of suffocation and strangulation caused by baby bumpers.  Google can be your worst enemy!  Having a baby 1.0.

Here is the bedding set that I fell head over heels in love with…and can’t afford.

expensive baby bedding

Here is a cheaper version, however, still way more than I wanted to pay.  looked at my husband and totally was like, “Babes I can so make this myself.”  Disclaimer:  I had NO CLUE what I was getting myself into!
Emily Bedding

Homemade Princess Baby Bedding by yours truly!  Total spent: No more than $150!  Enjoy!


I have not blogged in about a month and this project is totally why.  Oh, and I also made my own bassinet bedding…that is a post for another day.

The bedding is made with Shantung fabric in Ivory.  The bows are made from Taffeta fabric in Pink.  I ordered extra taffeta fabric from Hong Kong to match my custom curtains.  This saved me a lot of money and if you are interested in my contact’s information, please let me know.

For those interested, my homemade baby bedding can be accomplished with a simple understanding of sewing…half the battle is learning how to thread the darn thing.  Basically, you need an engineering degree for this.  Big thanks to my Pama (Grandma on my Dad’s side) for the basic sewing lessons as child.  A tip for making ruffles…make sure you purchase three times the amount of fabric to make a nice and full ruffle!  Easy ruffle tutorial here.

13 thoughts on “A Princess Baby Bed

  1. Hi Britt, Your Nana was fascinated with the pictures and all of the furnishings. You are so creative. She wants to know who the contact is and how to get in touch with them.   Can’t wait to see all the rest of  the  things that you are doing.   Got Bless Chad for his patience. It must be true love.   We just got back from the condo and missed you and your mom. Maybe next year.   We love you all,   Nana and Papa


    • I’m so glad the blog is working for you guys! Miss you and wish we could have been at the condo with you! For the contact, do you want the fabric guy I ordered the bow fabric and curtains from? Love you guys!

  2. Congratulations Britt. You did a fanastic job. I understand what you mean by “ruffle hell”. So proud of you for tackling such a huge project, but the final outcome is so worth it. What a fete! I’ll bet Chad is so proud of his little pregnant talented wife. Good for you.

    • Thanks Pama! You are so right! Final outcome is always worth it. I found that putting the project away and taking a few days off at a time def helped!!! Thank you for my sewing lessons! It’s fun to sew!

      • Ich hab auch gehört, dass moâÂrgens —r€‰beson­de­s zwi­schen 8 und 9 Uhr — oder an Wochenenden die beste Uhrzeit wäre, Nachrichten in Facebook zu pos­ten. Danke für die wei­te­ren hilf­rei­chen Tipps. Die werde ich auf jeden Fall ver­su­chen, zu berücksichtigen.

      • Hey Michelle,Thanks for stopping by. And what an interesting concept. I think there is room for almost another whole post on which children’s lit books I would preserve (after all, we can’t necessarily have future children reading 1984, right? We’ll need to save some books for them, too). Hmm. I’ll have to think on that one. And look forward to seeing your post. Hope you have a good weekend.

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    • Hey Shannon! I am so sorry I am just responding. I have taken a long break from blogging due to two crazy wild toddlers 🙂 I wish I had some more information for you on the bedding but I literally made from scratch. I did find old bumpers that I recovered and added the ruffles.

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