The Office Space aka “Man Cave”

Life has been super busy with a new baby.  Free time for blogging?  …yeah right.  I am lucky if I can get dinner on the table and the house remotely presentable these days.  Life as we know it has changed, but this new life?  I couldn’t ask for a better one.

Ten weeks ago, I was a large balloon, ready to pop!  Like seriously, not even kidding, WHOA preggo.  The last month of my pregnancy, I set a goal: “to complete the hubby’s office, aka man cave.”  Because, let’s be honest, when I pop this baby out, the house will be put on hold for a long time.  Plus, the hubs spends most days in that office as his job requires him to work from home.  I spent that last year shopping for baby baby baby and nursery nursery nursery…I wanted to make his space special and soothing because homeslice basically lives up there.  Well, that was my goal and I got 95% of the way done and BAM, my water broke.  Funny story actually, I was installing his inspirational quote sticker and this is when Miss Brooke decided to make her grand entrance, four days early!  For more our daughter’s birth story, check out my last post here.  I am happy to say, the office space is complete and SUPER manly, I must say.

A little background on this room.  Imagine white walls and linoleum floors.  Wait…linoleum floors in an upstairs office space?  Hmmmm…I’ll let your creative mind draw a conclusion for the “purpose” of this room!  Obviously, this was Dexter’s kill room as the floors were easy cleanup.  Or, perhaps a room to keep animals but that is a super boring explanation.  Anyways…here is the newly decorated and freshly painted office space, otherwise know as the hub’s “Man Cave.”

Yes, that is a ginormous safe…Merica!




DSC_0077 DSC_0076

I love this wall!  This past summer, my hubby celebrated his first Father’s Day since we had a little one on the way.  My In Laws came up with the coolest idea: Frame pictures of Chad from “bring your kid to work day.”  At the time, hub’s dad worked for IBM (and still does).  Hubs was about eight years old in this picture.  The irony of these pics is that Chad is now a daddy and working for IBM.  So cool and so special!  His favorite inspirational quote and special memories framed below will make him smile every time he looks at this wall. 🙂



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