Distressed Obsessed

I mentioned in my last post that Goodwill is a great place to find lots of Oldies but Goodies, especially for those late night De-Stressing projects.  I’ve been spending a ton of time at the Goodwill these last few months and seem to be hitting the jackpot lately.  Another exciting find – an entryway piece.  Here is my bundle of amazingness that I scored for $130.  Drum roll please….

photo 1


Oh, come on…THAT is the piece you fell for at the Goodwill?  That is pretty ugly.  I’m fairly certain that piece would go great with a puke orange shag carpet and a pair of bell-bottom jeans!  Yes, yes, I know but oh the potential.  Again, when looking for furniture to distress, the absolute best pieces have lots of grooves and details.  That little orbital sander LOVES chipping paint off every little detailed crevice.

This piece was real wood which made my job so much easier.  No priming needed and very minimal sanding.  I used the same recipe for chalk paint as my previous distressing project.  Here is the final product.

photo 2 photo 3

The mirror included with the furniture seemed too blah to me.  BORING…plus, I have been working really hard to conquer my fear of color.  For some reason, my eye always goes to the most bland and neutral earth tones and that is what I end up decorating my house with.  I still love neutrals but a pinch of turquoise in the ceiling tiles I found online seemed to be the perfect compromise.  This project called for two tiles which I found on Amazon for a whopping $30 total.  Although, when my tiles arrived at my doorstep, they were turquoise.  Like super turquoise.  Like BAM all you see is turquoise.  No problem…nothing a little spray paint wouldn’t fix.  I sprayed the tiles with left over oil rubbed bronze paint and sanded the details so that the turquoise showed through.  I accomplished my color goal but also still stayed with my earthy taste.  I’m in love.  The wrought iron basket on the bottom shelf of my new and improved piece is also from the goodwill…$5.



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