A New Backyard for the Olds!

It’s time to dust off the old blog and write about the latest project we FINALLY completed.  I’ve taken a long break from blogging about our home renovations, mainly because I have been so busy chasing two toddlers, and most recently, getting pregnant with number 3!  The home renovations haven’t stopped, they have just taken a little longer to accomplish.  Two major projects we’ve started over the last two years are the backyard and converting our dining room into a craft workshop.  We FINALLY finished our backyard.

We tackled our back yard in two phases.  The massive stone patio and fire pit area first and then, a year later, the sitting wall and kitchen/entertainment area.  We have always envisioned the backyard to be the place we would entertain.  I can’t wait for the intense humidity and heat to go away so we can take full advantage of the outdoors!  Anyone else boycotting this summer heat?  I prefer to stay indoors when walking outside feels like two steps into the firey pits of Hell.  If I could build a personal igloo bubble around me at all times, I would totally spend more time outside.  In the meantime, it’s the AC on full blast and keeping my house to a meat locker standard!  Bring on the parkas!!  Fall and winter…I’m ready for ya!

When we bought our house, our back yard consisted of an old rickety porch, a random gas line with a miniature fence around it, a few randomly planted trees and a massive concrete block to protect our septic tank.  I’m sure that deck was a breeding ground for poisonous snakes, ants and termites!  All the wonderful creatures in nature that we love…said no one ever!  OH, and the crazy chicken coope.  That coope had to go and so did the rickety porch!  So what’s a couple of rednecks to do?  Hook that porch to the back of the bobcat and drag it to the gun range!  Nope, we didn’t shoot it and nope we didn’t set it on fire…tempting BUT we decided to use it as a platform for long-range shooting!  #recycle

I wish I had better photos of our backyard before, but this is the best I could find in my old photos.  You can vaguely see that crazy porch!


Here is that chicken coop that went bye-bye!


After the two-year renovations!  We also added a playground set and a playhouse for the girls.  This was a super craigslist find that was one big pain in the “you know what” to move to the Olds’ Ranch.  The hubs was SUPER thrilled about this one, HA!  Hey…it was all worth it in the end.


A Makeover…

The house is not complete yet.  There are still a few finishing touches that need to  be buttoned up, but, for the most part, it is complete enough to share.  Here is the front of our house…

We painted the shutters and front porch:

(To see before, click here)

I can’t wait for Spring to show off the new shrubs and plants that are hard to see in this picture.

To give this country house more curb appeal, we made the following updates…

New front door:

New columns:

Added wrought iron railing, front porch fans, and new lights:

New landscaping and added a fountain:

A Country Home

My husband and I shared the dream of moving to the country with lots of land.  We wanted the ability to ride four-wheelers and shoot guns on our own property without breaking the law or dealing with the Home Owners Association.  It seemed like we needed to wait until we were 50 years old before we could ever make that happen…

Thanks to the internet, we started doing research on foreclosures.  Before we knew it, we were putting an offer in on a foreclosure in the country with 10 acres.   After a month or so, the house was ours.  It is amazing what you can find out there that is in foreclosure.

I know what you may be thinking…THAT is your dream house?  Don’t worry…there is so much potential, I can hardly contain myself.