Presents, Bows and Mistletoe

I love wrapping presents and making each one special.  There are a few things that I am obsessed with when it comes to wrapping presents…

  • Cellophane
  • Raffia
  • Brown Packing Paper

It is really easy to make a present appear that it was wrapped professionally and expensively.  Taking a little extra time and creativity while wrapping a present adds that extra special touch.  And who doesn’t like a pretty present?

I have found that the dollar store is the best place to pick up “things” to hot-glue to your present and find ribbon.  Christmas ornaments, faux foliage, baby toys…ect!  All these things will dress up your present beautifully!

I have not had the chance to go shopping for this year’s wrapping paper so I pulled out a few leftovers and got a little creative.  Here are my left-over creations!  Enjoy!


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I love the holidays!  I usually start breaking out the Christmas decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving and go to town around the house.  Typically I can get the house decorated in a weekend, however, this year has taken me the majority of the week.  Why?  Because, a lot of my decorations were silver to match the old house fixtures/Door Knobs…ect.  Nothing a little spray paint can’t fix.  Here is what I have been up to the last week or so.

Who Needs Garland?

I’ve mentioned in a recent post that stairs pretty much take over my house.  As I was dragging out the Christmas decorations, I dreaded the thought ($$$) of hanging pre-lit garland on all those stairs.  This would look amazing but WAY out of my budget.  Maybe I will get lucky in an after Christmas sale…if I can stand the thought of gold, red and green at that point.

…but, who need’s overpriced garland when you have Pinterest?  AC Moore was having a 50% off sale on all their Christmas decorations…SCORE!

I found sticks for $1.99 a bundle, bunches of Wintery/Christmasy “stuff” on sale for $2.50 a bundle, ribbon for $3.99 and bundles of gold balls for $2.99.  I decided to do the staircase only.  My total?  $33.93 before tax!  Can’t beat that…

Here is the end result:

An Ax and a Tree

It is tradition for us to take a road trip up to the NC Mountains to get a Christmas tree.  We usually do this the weekend before Thanksgiving for a few reasons.  We have family that travels into town, the tree farms are way less busy and the “good” trees are still available.  Oh, and Ya’ll, we don’t cut down a tree, we ax down a tree.  Why?  Let me respond with a question…Why use a chainsaw when you can simply use an ax…the old fashion way…Duh…

Here is the tree we picked out.  Here is Chad and the ax.  And…here is the fight between the ax and the tree…the ax won!

…here is the tree decorated in the house!  More Christmas decorations to come…stay tuned!