Candles, a Garden and Strawberries

This past weekend was quit busy for us.  The month of May is always pure madness because we have three birthdays (including my own) and Mother’s Day.  Given that my brothers were in town, we decided to cram every May occasion into one weekend!

This is the first year I had the pleasure of celebrating Mother’s Day since I am a Mother to Be!  A girl has got to take advantage of this opportunity…obviously!  But seriously, it was super special and I got to spend a lot of time with special people!

Saturday we celebrated Mother’s Day with my side of the family, my Dad’s Birthday, my Mom’s Birthday and my brother’s surprised me with a little celebration for my Birthday!  The celebration took place at my house!  Super fun!  I love entertaining and I wanted to share a few treasures from the wonderful evening.

Who doesn’t love being greeted at the front door with a fresh pot of mixed and colorful annual flowers?  What is even better than a fresh pot of flowers?  Candles in a mixed pot of flowers.  I found this simple idea on Pinterest (I am sure you could have guessed this).   Inexpensive materials for this simple detail:

  • An old wine or martini glass
  • A cheap candle (you can find at the dollar store)

Simply break off the base of the old wine or martini glass and stick into your pot of flowers.  Set the candle in the old wine or martini glass.  Light candle.  BOOM…candles in your Garden.  So elegant, simple and inviting on a cool summers day.  Your guests are guaranteed to steal your idea 🙂


On a totally separate note, I served homemade, made-from-scratch strawberry shortcake for dessert.  What is light and screams summer?  Strawberry shortcake.  Perfect for Mother’s Day, Birthdays or even an afternoon party for no reason.  Here is the recipe I found that is SUPER easy and guaranteed to be a hit wherever and whenever you are looking for a light and summery dessert!  Enjoy!


The Powder Room


My name is Brittany and I am a Pinterest addict…It’s an obsession…this is not a secret!  I could spend hours on Pinterest just looking through fun DIY and decorating ideas.  Okay, maybe not hours, but for long periods of time and several times per week.  Pinterest is a fabulous place to get inspiration if you enjoy making things and getting a little creative.

So…the powder room…the wash room…the bathroom that everyone uses when spending time at the Olds’ residence.  I found an inspirational picture on Pinterest that looked a little something like this…
Bird Houses on the Wall

I love the bird houses hanging on the wall!  What a unique and fun idea for our country home!  Time to shop for the perfect bird houses.  Why do bird houses have to cost a million dollars?  It’s a bird house…4 pieces of decorative wood with a little roof…why why why?  My budget friendly answer: the flea market.  I found this quaint little shop at the flea market that sells all sorts of crafty things.  The owners spend all week gathering left over materials from everywhere and craft to sell every weekend.  What a fun job!  Anyways, they sold me these little gems for $12 a piece and they are exactly what I was looking for.  Old barn wood with rusted out hardware and license plates as the roof.  These bird houses went on the wall in our little powder room.

Again, I wish I would have snapped a before picture of the power room before we redid it…but I didn’t, so let me paint a quick mental picture for you.  Yucky wall paper with a floral design below the shelf molding, ugly flat paneled cabinet doors, outdated fixtures/hardware and a boring mirror.  A few updates made:

  • Added granite as sink top with vessel sink bowl
  • Added vessel faucet
  • Added new mirror (cheap from TJ Maxx – love that place)
  • Added new light fixture
  • Painted walls in neutral color
  • Added custom paneled cabinet doors


I have future plans for the powder room. I would love to paint the bottom portion of the wall (below the shelf molding) in a rich copper color. This will provide a little contrast to my earth-tone taste but will still flow with open spaces down stairs. And, definitely the pewter hardware…so much to do and so little time 🙂

Fabulously Old-Fashioned!

Hey Guys – my blog is still alive, I promise!  It’s been a while because life has been incredibly busy taking down Christmas decorations outside!  I KNOW I KNOW this is so tacky but seriously we have had no time…and I am waiting on a few finishing touches before I share other rooms in the house!  I can’t wait to post before and after’s of our master bedroom and bathrooms!  Stay tuned!

One of my favorite things to do is find local thrift stores, go to Goodwill or stop by the Pittsboro ReStore (Habitat for Humanity).  Simply because, you never know what you may find… I have been doing this a lot lately and have found a few treasures.  Sometimes you won’t find a single thing and other times, you may hit the jackpot.  With Habitat, I usually consult with my friend Pinterest before I set out to find whatever…usually an old window or door or something of this nature.  Here are a few treasures that I recently found!


The weathered wrought iron thing on the left…I bought two of these from the Flea Market.  I am obsessed with these guys and plan to hang behind each night stand in our master bedroom (pictures to come).  The bird house made out of reclaimed wood, an old license plate and old hose – I bought three of these guys from the Flea Market and plan to hang on the wall in our powder room.  This room is almost complete and then I will share pictures!  The fabulous old crystal lights on the bottom right – this is my favorite find so far…  This is actually one light with two pendants that I haven’t decided 100% where I will put in the house.  A few ideas; in the powder room with the bird houses or in the future nursery?


This old guy is an ugly green color…BUT it is wrought iron.  All it needs is a little spray paint and BOOM – he is contemporary!  The thrift store only had one of these guys, not a pair but no problemo…the sconce is large and in charge and will dominate a smaller wall so no need for two.  Add melted candlesticks and this guy is ready to be hung!  I’ll post pictures of everything once they are placed around the house.

If you like to go “antiquing” or “thrifting,” there are a few places that I recommend in the Apex/Pittsboro area.  I am sure there are more places that I have yet to discover…please feel free to share if you have a favorite place to shop.

  • Beggars and Choosers in Downtown Pittsboro
  • Antique Shops in Downtown Pittsboro (main strip)
  • Flea Market in Downtown Pittsboro (next to the Pittsboro Road House aka General Store)
  • Antique Shop in Downtown Apex
  • Habitat for Humanity in Pittsboro
  • Goodwill (Apex off hwy 55)
  • Flea Market at the Raleigh Fair Grounds (Saturday and Sunday)

Or…you could always raid your grandma’s attic or even the dumpster… I have done this before and I am not ashamed!