Basket Labels and Brooke’s Closet

So I have been in this “nesting” phase where everything must be super clean, organized and DONE!  It is this overwhelming feeling that the baby may come early and you are not prepared and she has nothing to wear and the bedding isn’t washed and…. *deep breaths* and LOTS of crushed ice…it’s the “crazy” talking!  But seriously, I have this weird addiction to crushed ice and it makes everything better…CRAY CRAY!

Anyways, I took a drive down to the Pottery Barn Outlet in SC and picked up some super cute little baskets that I planned to incorporate in cube book shelves I picked up from Ikea…until I got home and the baskets didn’t fit into the cube book shelves!  I should have measured…waaa waaa!  O’well, time to get a little creative.

I see so many fun ideas with mini chalk boards so I decided to incorporate this with my baskets.  Super easy, super fast and super cute!

(materials are from AC Moore)
  • Mini Chalk Board
  • Chalk
  • Cute Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Basket (Pottery Barn)

DSC_1006 DSC_1007 DSC_1004

Using a hot glue gun, hang the mini chalk board on the handle of the basket.
Make a mini bow and hot glue on the chalk board for decoration.
Write desired word or phrase on the chalk board.
I sat my baskets on a shelf in the closet for easy access to Brooke’s little things.  I ended up using the Ikea book shelves in her closet for extra storage.  Lastly, I ordered little size dividers for all of Brooke’s clothes.  These little gems can be found on Etsy (link HERE).
DSC_1015 DSC_1014
Super organized and all set for our sweet little bundle of joy!

A Princess Baby Bed

As a first time mom, I have spent countless hours on the internet searching baby room inspiration…imagine that!  My poor husband is probably the most patient man alive to endure all the “Hey babes look at this…awww….OMG look at this one….do you like this shade of pink?  Okay if you had to choose between this one and that one, what would you choose?”  Poor guy…you know a man truly loves you when he can endure the emotional and obsessive roller coaster of a pregnant lady trying to decide how to decorate a baby girl nursery!  You rock babe and I love you!

Apparently I have extremely expensive taste in baby decor.  Of course I would fall in love with the $1,500 bedding set…not.even.kidding.  Obviously, spending $1,500 on a bed set for a child that won’t sleep in the crib for more than two years, is well, insane.  Not to mention, the crib bumpers will more than likely stay off for the majority of the time that baby is an infant.  Yeah, I googled baby bumper safety…big mistake.  Now I am terrified of suffocation and strangulation caused by baby bumpers.  Google can be your worst enemy!  Having a baby 1.0.

Here is the bedding set that I fell head over heels in love with…and can’t afford.

expensive baby bedding

Here is a cheaper version, however, still way more than I wanted to pay.  looked at my husband and totally was like, “Babes I can so make this myself.”  Disclaimer:  I had NO CLUE what I was getting myself into!
Emily Bedding

Homemade Princess Baby Bedding by yours truly!  Total spent: No more than $150!  Enjoy!


I have not blogged in about a month and this project is totally why.  Oh, and I also made my own bassinet bedding…that is a post for another day.

The bedding is made with Shantung fabric in Ivory.  The bows are made from Taffeta fabric in Pink.  I ordered extra taffeta fabric from Hong Kong to match my custom curtains.  This saved me a lot of money and if you are interested in my contact’s information, please let me know.

For those interested, my homemade baby bedding can be accomplished with a simple understanding of sewing…half the battle is learning how to thread the darn thing.  Basically, you need an engineering degree for this.  Big thanks to my Pama (Grandma on my Dad’s side) for the basic sewing lessons as child.  A tip for making ruffles…make sure you purchase three times the amount of fabric to make a nice and full ruffle!  Easy ruffle tutorial here.