B is for Brooke: The Nursery!

Starting with a room from scratch is like looking at a blank canvas and wondering what in the world will I paint today…it can be overwhelming.  So off to Pinterest I go for a little inspiration.  When I started the nursery, there were a few things that I knew I didn’t want to do…you will laugh when I list these out!

My “will not do” list:

  • Use pink in the nursery (yup…did that)
  • Have a specific theme in the room (yup…did that)
  • Use a large sticker decal on the wall (totally did this)

What can I say…never say never!

I found this little gem on Pinterest that I fell absolutely in love with.  This picture ended up becoming my inspiration for the room.

Nursery Inspiration

I loved the gray walls with pink accents.  I loved the pewter wrought iron crib and I was obsessed with the concept of contrasting furniture to provide depth in the room.  First line of business…finding the perfect “gray” to paint the walls.

Yeah…why the hell is it so difficult to choose a gray paint color?  The book was not even kidding, “50 Shades of Gray.”  But…it is more like a million shades of gray!  This was frustrating…but…thanks to a few Facebook friends that had been down this path before, I was able to cheat a little.  We went with Sherwin Williams “pussywillow”…who comes up with these totally inappropriate names?  Anyways…

Next step was purchasing the furniture.  I started with the usual…Pottery Barn kids and quickly realized that going down this path would drain our 401 k…not the best option when it comes to $$$$.  I have a deep love for refurbished antiques, so off shopping with mom I went.  I love taking my mom shopping with me because she keeps me grounded and let’s be honest…she is the REALLY creative one!  I get a lot of ideas from her!  Love you mom!  We stumbled across this quirky, yet fabulous antique shop in Chapel Hill…accidentally!  Someone told my mom that this place had a consignment wrought iron crib (NOT ANTIQUE) and we decided to go and check it out.  I did not expect to find beautifully refinished 1930’s chalk white dressers…I fell in love!  Not only was it love at first sight being antiques and all, but both dressers were the price of one at the Pottery Barn kids!  SCORE!  Next, the crib!  I really really really wanted wrought iron but dang, why are they so pricey?  To be honest, all cribs are pricey when purchasing new…but…there is that expensive taste that can get me into trouble.  I searched and searched on craigslist, ebay, EVERYWHERE on the internet and then BAM…there it was.  Restoration Hardware had a pewter crib on clearance and was running an additional 10% off deal.  It’s like the Heavens opened up and angels were singing!  Looking for a pewter crib was challenging, however, this was super important to me because if the next kiddo is a boy, I could make pewter boyish!  AND…the coolest and most surprising thing… check out that inspiration picture I posted from Pinterest above…this the the SAME EXACT CRIB!  What what!!!  Lastly, the glider!  Similar to the crib, I went gray for the sole purpose of reusing if the next kid is a boy.   We bought the glider 30% off from Green Pea Baby in Cary, NC.

So we have lots of gray and accent white furniture…time for a little bit of Pink!  Curtains!!  Okay…never expected pink curtains to be as challenging to find as they were.  I shopped EVERYWHERE!  Most places only carry 84″ length and I really wanted needed 95″.  I was lost and almost resorted to ridiculously expensive Pottery Barn kids curtains…and then…I found Hong Kong on Etsy.  That’s right…Hong Kong!  Custom made pink taffeta blackout curtains all the way on the other side of the world and for way less money!  Curtains were made, shipped and arrived at my house in a week and a half!  So cool!  I ordered a few yards of extra pink taffeta to make my custom crib bedding.  More on the crib bedding here.

Butterflies!!!  Who doesn’t love a pretty butterfly…if you don’t then you are obviously dead inside…LOL jk!  I found a large rusting butterfly at the Raleigh flea market and behold…the butterfly wall was born!  Also, I wanted to incorporate worn ballet slippers in the butterfly collage!  A generous friend, who happens to be an incredible ballerina, gave me these beautiful slippers for the nursery wall!  They are perfect!  Thank you Bethany…you rock girlfriend!

Old windows…yup the window over the dresser totally came out of a dumpster…not ashamed!

The focal…cherry blossom branches!  I really didn’t want to do another sticker wall but my original idea for vintage fashionista art was to expensive and impossible to find.  So I consulted with my mom, always, and she gave me the brilliant idea to do some sort of tree mural behind the crib.  It’s safe for a baby and easy to remove when she no longer wants this in her room…what a great idea!  So I consulted with China, again, and ordered my sticker decals from Etsy.  Every.single.flower.sticker.at.a.time…yup, that took a long time!

I am so incredibly excited to announce that our little peanut’s nursery is complete!  I have been dying to share but couldn’t let myself do it until stickers and wall hangings were on the wall!  Enjoy!


DSC_1000 DSC_0994

DSC_1002 DSC_0992

DSC_0993 DSC_0990


The Powder Room


My name is Brittany and I am a Pinterest addict…It’s an obsession…this is not a secret!  I could spend hours on Pinterest just looking through fun DIY and decorating ideas.  Okay, maybe not hours, but for long periods of time and several times per week.  Pinterest is a fabulous place to get inspiration if you enjoy making things and getting a little creative.

So…the powder room…the wash room…the bathroom that everyone uses when spending time at the Olds’ residence.  I found an inspirational picture on Pinterest that looked a little something like this…
Bird Houses on the Wall

I love the bird houses hanging on the wall!  What a unique and fun idea for our country home!  Time to shop for the perfect bird houses.  Why do bird houses have to cost a million dollars?  It’s a bird house…4 pieces of decorative wood with a little roof…why why why?  My budget friendly answer: the flea market.  I found this quaint little shop at the flea market that sells all sorts of crafty things.  The owners spend all week gathering left over materials from everywhere and craft to sell every weekend.  What a fun job!  Anyways, they sold me these little gems for $12 a piece and they are exactly what I was looking for.  Old barn wood with rusted out hardware and license plates as the roof.  These bird houses went on the wall in our little powder room.

Again, I wish I would have snapped a before picture of the power room before we redid it…but I didn’t, so let me paint a quick mental picture for you.  Yucky wall paper with a floral design below the shelf molding, ugly flat paneled cabinet doors, outdated fixtures/hardware and a boring mirror.  A few updates made:

  • Added granite as sink top with vessel sink bowl
  • Added vessel faucet
  • Added new mirror (cheap from TJ Maxx – love that place)
  • Added new light fixture
  • Painted walls in neutral color
  • Added custom paneled cabinet doors


I have future plans for the powder room. I would love to paint the bottom portion of the wall (below the shelf molding) in a rich copper color. This will provide a little contrast to my earth-tone taste but will still flow with open spaces down stairs. And, definitely the pewter hardware…so much to do and so little time 🙂