A Baby Story: Brooke’s Birth

Two weeks ago, our life changed forever.  It changed in the most amazing way and I don’t have the right words to describe the love and the absolute joy that has filled our hearts.  Our lives will never be the same…but in the most amazing way!

I lost my mucus plug on a Thursday afternoon.  I was so excited, thinking that Brooke could make her grand entrance anytime.  I could barely sleep that night because I was sure I would go into labor at any minute…wishful thinking!!  Pregnancy can be challenging and you get so anxious and impatient towards the end as every little thing you would do in a normal day becomes so very challenging.  You can no longer bend over like a normal human being.  Shaving your legs is impossible and you spend countless obsessive hours in your baby’s nursery dreaming of the day you can place her in the crib.  Come on…get this baby out of me is the first thing that comes out of your mouth anytime someone notices you are preggo and about to pop.

Friday morning came and I was still not in labor.  My MIL texted and asked if I would like to hang out, go out to breakfast and shop for the day.  I spent the day having lots of fun and shopping with my MIL.  The hubs went into town for work during the day and we figured that we would have date night later and grab a bite to eat since the time was limited for things like that.  I got home about 3:30 pm and started working in Chad’s office!  His office is almost complete and then I can blog about it – yay!  After several trips to the bathroom and the constant feeling of peeing my pants, I called my Dr. claiming that my water could have broken.  The kind nurse instructed me to go ahead to L&D to get checked out just in case I had a slow leak of amniotic fluid.

Feeling absolutely ridiculous, I called the hubs and asked him to meet me in L&D as the Dr. wanted to check me out just in case I was leaking amniotic fluid.  I had ZERO contractions…there was no way I am in labor.  But, better safe than sorry.

Hubs and I checked into the Hospital cracking up at the thought of what if the baby came that night.  I am sure the lady that checked us in thought we were absolutely ridiculous!  This chick is obviously not in labor.  We were assigned a room and I was asked to change into a labor gown to get checked out.  As I changed into my labor gown, my water broke…all over the floor!  The hubs looks as me and was like “ummm babes, pretty sure that was your water.”  I was in total denial!  “No babes, I have no contractions this is not going to happen tonight.”  Of course he looked at me like I was a crazy person!  The nurse came into the room, checked me out and sure enough, my water had broken and we were not going home that night.

We are having a baby…OMG we are having a baby!!

The parentals came to the hospital to witness the arrival of our baby girl!  Only problem…I STILL had no contractions.  I was told that if I do not contract on my own in 3-4 hours, that I would need to be induced.  PITOCIN…OMG I was so scared!  All the pitocin horror stories were popping into my brain and all of a sudden, down the hall, the only other girl in labor started screaming.  I clinched my legs together and looked at my family with lots of fear.  OMG I was going to die!

10PM I was strapped up to a machine and pitocin started dripping.  This wasn’t so bad…no contractions.  A few hours later…no contractions.  Either I have pain tolerance of a greek goddess or this stuff ain’t working.  Note: When issued pitocin, it is a slow drip that they increase every 15 minutes.  3AM rolls around and I am in extreme pain…Holy contractions!  Dear Lord, please get me an epidural.  The kind nurse squirted miracle juice into my IV and I started flying!  Whew…this is some good shit!  45 minutes later, the anesthesiologist was in my room issuing me an epidural.

Epidural – scariest thing in the world…have you seen the needle that jam into your back?  Again…I’m going to die.  Yeah…didn’t feel the epidural, at all!  I love you Mr. Anesthesiologist!  And I love you Ms. Nurse that gave me the miracle drug to mask those incredibly painful contractions.  I was numb to the world from the waist down.  I was happy…well, sorta!

8AM I was dilated to 4 cm!  Come on come on…longest night of my life!  I was told that I was now in active labor and should dilate a cm per hour.  What a long night and it was about to turn into a long day.  UGH!  2 hours later, to my surprise, I was fully dilated to 10 cm and told that it was time to push!

Okay…so pushing a baby out of your “you know what!”  No body tells you that the epidural is really only good for those contractions.  You WILL feel the baby come out with every push…and let’s just say, it doesn’t feel good!  It hurts like a… “Most first time moms will push anywhere between 2-3 hours.  We will call the Dr. once we get close.  I need you to push through your butt.  3 pushes per contraction, each 10 seconds,” the nurse instructed!  Whoa whoa whoa…back up.  2-3 hours of painful pushing?  Kill me now!

…and here’s another contraction and PUSH.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10….and PUSH!  “Hubs check out this head.  Your baby has a full head of hair and it’s curly.”  OMG!  …and push!  Baby’s head is crowing!  “Ummm Dr. V you may want to get here and fast.  This chick is really pushing and the baby is almost here.”  A little under an hour and Miss Brooke Victoria Olds was born.  12:33PM weighing 7lbs, 8oz and measuring 20.75 inches long.  Baby is healthy, except that she decided to go #2 in my stomach…mmm mechonium!

Baby was placed on my chest and stared at me with the biggest blue eyes!  She smirked a little smile!  Wow, she is beautiful.  OMG, this is my baby!  It took a while for this concept to hit me.  Holy macaroni, I am a Mommy!  This has been my dream ever since I was a little girl…and I was in love.

Looking back on labor, I remember the contractions and I remember the pushing.  None of which I understood until I was in the delivery room experiencing it first hand.  It was really hard…probably one of the hardest things I have ever done.  But so worth it and such an amazing experience!  I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks.  My baby girl is growing way to fast!  The other night my husband and I bathed her and got ready to put her sleeper on.  To our surprise, the smaller new born sleeper no longer fit her.  I cried!  I’m not ready for this…she is growing to fast!  Oh it is just starting.  I can’t wait to experience all stages of life with this little angel…even if that means she is growing up before our eyes, way to fast!

We are blessed!

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